Ten Ways to prepare your home for a home inspection

When you are selling your home, there are some basic maintenance items you can attend to that will help your home get a more favorable inspection report. Many inspection reports are filled with the same neglected maintenance items that are prevalent in many homes. To move your home sale along to a faster and easier closing, you can assist the process with the following tips from the California Real Estate Inspection Association. Most of these items can be accomplished with little or no cost, while the benefits of selling a well-maintained home can be worth the effort.

  1. Clean out dirty gutters or debris from the roof.
  2. Divert all water away from the house including downspouts, sump pump discharge, condensation drain, etc. Clean out basement drains.
  3. Clean or replace the HVAC filter.
  4. Remove grade or mulch from contact with siding preferably 6-8 inches of clearance.
  5. Paint all weathered exterior wood and caulk around trim, chimneys, windows and doors.
  6. Make sure all windows and doors are in proper operating condition; replace cracked windows.
  7. Replace burned out light bulbs.
  8. Make sure plumbing fixtures (toilet, tub shows, sinks) are in proper working order and repair leaks.
  9. Caulk all exterior wall penetrations.
  10. Provide clear access to the attic, crawlspace, heat systems, garage and other areas that will need to be inspected.

An inspection consists of a thorough visual examination of a home's structural components including the foundation, superstructure, and roofing systems, where accessible. The heating and cooling equipment is activated along with operating plumbing fixtures, testing accessible electrical outlets and fixtures, and operating a representative sampling of doors and windows. If your house will be vacant, make sure all the utilities are turned on.

It is the nature of an inspection to be an intrusive process. Great care is taken to ensure that the home is left in the same condition as on arrival. By following the above "top ten" preparation tips, a homeowner can assist in receiving an efficient and professional inspection, while increasing the possibility of a more favorable inspection report.

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