The perfect home for you might not be built yet

There are a lot of advantages to building a new home, including customization, flexibility of floorplan design, plus selecting finishes and upgrades.

If you are not finding what you want and are tired of touring model homes and existing homes, it may be a sign that you should build a home. Many times people have a vision of what they want and can't find it. Many also have an idea of what amenities they would prefer in their home. Whether you are interested in modifying a floorplan with a semi-custom home builder or starting from scratch with a custom home builder, you can have it your way.

There are many building lots available and builders are motivated to build you a house.  We have written many blog posts about finding builders but a great place to start is with the Build Idaho team. We have worked with many clients to help them find a great builder and have a good understanding of who builds a great home.

Dream big in 2024,

Trey Langford

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