The Top Ten Best Selling Subdivisions in Meridian

In Meridian, Idaho, the real estate landscape has an array of vibrant subdivisions, each with its own charm and appeal. Among the top ten best-selling subdivisions, Aegean Estates, Dakota Creek, and The Oaks North stand out as prime destinations for homebuyers seeking both comfort and affordability. Aegean Estates captivates with its neighborhood surroundings, offering residents easy access to everything in the heart of Meridian. Aegean Estates offers modern home designs as well as an emphasis on community engagement with a playground and picnic area.

Dakota Creek, known for its modern designs and access to surrounding areas, continues to draw interest with its spacious layouts and proximity to local amenities. Dakota Creek is conveniently located near Eagle Island State Park and Lakeview Golf Course if the outdoors is something you enjoy! Meanwhile, The Oaks North remains a favorite, with rural, quiet surroundings and plenty of opportunities to get outdoors. The Oaks North places a large emphasis on community togetherness with green spaces, picnics areas, a community pool, playgrounds a fishing pond, another other amenities. These subdivisions not only embody the spirit of Meridian's thriving real estate market but also exemplify the diverse lifestyles available in this vibrant city.

Area Subdivision Total Sales Median Sold Price Price Range Median Price/ SqFt
N Meridian The Oaks North 122 $766,260 $422,875 to $1,300,000 $262
N Meridian Aegean Estates 53 $454,990 $384,490 to $599,990 $219
S Meridian Pinnacle 49 $610,000 $520,000 to $851,000 $269
N Meridian Dakota Creek 48 $468,495 $374,490 to $549,990 $228
N Meridian Delano 46 $430,000 $389,490 to $$500,000 $236
N Meridian Edington 45 $417,000 $394,900 to $450,000 $301
N Meridian Shelburne 43 $611,235 $538,000 to $824,000 $291
N Meridian Quartet 42 $707,777 $530,350 to $848,173 $269
N Meridian Sagewood 42 $449,990 $386,990 to $534,990 $228
N Meridian Jump Creek 41 $409,990 $384,990 to $531,990 $235

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