The Top Ten Most Affordable Subdivisions in Meridian

In Meridian there are several affordable subdivisions, with options like Stapleton, Jocelyn Park, and Tetherow Crossing standing out as top choices. Stapleton offers a blend of modern amenities and cozy living spaces, with properties that feature patios, Stapleton attracts budget-conscious buyers who don’t want to forfeit amenities. Stapleton also has a gated entry, basketball court, playground, rock climbing, and walking paths.

Jocelyn Park presents a charming neighborhood atmosphere coupled with affordable housing options, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a tight-knit community without breaking the bank. Jocelyn Park is a great area for those who enjoy entertainment, as it's close to the local water park, shopping areas, and the freeway.

Tetherow Crossing offers affordable homes that cater to diverse lifestyles, attracting those in search of affordability without compromising on quality living. Its close proximity to the freeway makes it ideal for commuters, while its multiple parks make it a great option for those who enjoy green spaces.  These subdivisions in Meridian not only provide affordable housing options but also foster vibrant communities where residents can thrive and build lasting connections.

Area Subdivision Total Sales Median Sold Price Price Range Median Price/ SqFt
N Meridian Tetherow Crossing 30 $350,290 $329,990 to $449,990 $293
N Meridian Hensley Station 1 $356,000 $356,000 $218
N Meridian Jocelyn Park 31 $379,913 $340,470 to $464,025 $300
N Meridian Millbrae 32 $399,490 $365,000 to $495,990 $221
N Meridian Baraya 39 $399,990 $349,990 to $495,687 $223
N Meridian Goddard Addition 5 $404,500 $402,500 to $409,000 $287
N Meridian Goddard Creek Townhouse 20 $407,750 $395,000 to $413,550 $290
N Meridian Jump Creek 41 $409,990 $384,990 to $531,990 $235
N Meridian Stapleton 35 $410,800 $359,000 to $449,800 $275
N Meridian Edington 45 $417,000 $394,900 to $450,000 $301


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