Tips to Find a Home Builder

Selecting a home builder is a very important decision. It will determine the entire process of the home you build and what is delivered. There are three basic criteria in selecting a home builder.

  1. After looking at several homes the builder has available for inspecting which ones did you like the best? Were they similar to what you are looking to build or buy? Knowing the builder has done it before lends credibility to that builder.
  2. What are their credentials and qualifications? Having been in business for years is a good sign you will be working with a successful builder but don't discount a new builder who is ambitious and looking to establish their company as a reputable builder as well. 
  3. Talk to past clients and ask if they would recommend the home builder based on their experience.
  • Did they get the home they were expecting including the price and was it completed in the time frame expected?
  • Were there any callbacks?
  • Was the builder responsive?
  • How were the subcontractors?

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Finding the right builder is a daunting task that requires your due diligence. Learning about the builder's credentials and qualifications and meeting past clients is very important but at the top of the list is your impression and gut feeling about the builder. Building a new home is an experience that can be filled with emotion that includes both excitement and stress. Add in the money factor and if you have questions about your builder before you begin, you are destined to have problems during the possibly 9 month process. You must find someone you completely trust. Finding a builder with the right personality for you is very important.

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