Top 10 Signs a Builder is Bad

 10. The builder continuously blames everyone else for mistakes
 9.  The builder's superintendent seems to know more about everything
 8.  The builder's experience comes from another industry
 7.  The builder is not around when the inspector is on site 
 6.  The builder wants to get back to you when you have questions
 5.  The builder continuously wants you to upgrade the fit and finishes on the house
 4.  The builder does not not seem have a system in place to take care of things you discuss verbally
 3.  The color scheme is more important then the integrity of the home to the builder
 2.  Your builder has a mascot that travels in the front seat and barks a lot instead of a logo
 1.  The builder can't understand why you don't get it.

Just some friendly advice.

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Trey Langford

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