Top Ten Signs your Builder understands Intelligent Design

Does your Idaho Home Builder really understand how to design a home for all ages? Do they get size of rooms and where to place things? Here are some tips and flaws to avoid.

10. Design the kitchen so that cabinets are accessible and that refrigerator doors are not blocked.

9. Electric switches and outlets are available from numerous access points.

8. Your two-car garage is deep enough to not only hold two cars but is wide enough or deep enough to fit your "stuff" in it.

7. A guest at your home would actually be able to comfortably use the powder room and the door is able to be open and closed while someone is in it.

6. The sun sets in the West and while it is beautiful to watch it, the desert will beat down hard on your home. Make sure your lot allows for your house to face the right direction so it is more energy efficient.

5. Crawl space. Hidden Springs is named correctly. Don't find your home is mold-producing because of a surprise ground element - water!

4. Large bedrooms are great but don't allocate too much space away from gathering places like kitchens and family rooms.

3. Like to grill? Don't forget to design space for a grill and the ability to tap into gas.

2. Media Rooms are great but if there is only room for three what is the point?

1.  Home offices are great, but make sure it is in an area where you can work. An office upstairs next to the master might make a client uncomfortable. Having the office next to the TV room where your kids want you every five minutes for something may not be as productive as farther away.

If you are working with drafting designers, architects and builders who have done numerous homes, listen to their advice, learn from their mistakes. While it is great to own a piece of Idaho Real Estate, if you can't enjoy it because of 'un' intelligent design, it is a costly mistake.

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Trey Langford


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