Top Ten Subdivision names in Treasure Valley

How do they come up with these? Probably some over-paid marketing company. But...presentation is everything and names are important if there is pride in what you do.

10. Whispering Pines
It's the desert people. Are there any pine trees in the subdivision?

9. Terrazza at Eagle River
This is an Italian word for terrace.
Note: this subdivision is on the Boise River. Not sure what the Developer was thinking. No wait, I do, he was thinking of marketing.

8. Vizcaya
a Basque Region but what a great name. It just rolls off the tongue.

7. Rhinoceros Bay
Interesting name to say the least.

6. Tucana Sky
This is a southern constellation between Octans and Phoenix. I just like the name

5. Denali Heights
I listed this one because when it first was being marketed, it was advertised like you would feel like you are living in Alaska. Like you are living way out there yet Boise is just out the back door. Does anyone believe that? Yes I know, marketing.

4. Hankhugh Place
Again, I just like it. It sounds like you are saying 'Thank You' with a cold.

3. Tanana Valley
This is a river flowing NW from E Alaska to the Yukon River.

2. Hunter's Point
Hey, it's not Italian like so many other upper-end communities.

And the #1 Subdivision Name is named after a tree in the Pacific in the Northwest. And is also an Indian laxative!

1. Cascara

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