What are the most important factors for a Quick Sale in today's market?

I just ran across a poll that I wanted to share that was conducted by the National Association of Realtors in April 2008. Market conditions were similar, homes were not selling as fast. Here is what was important then:

  • 21% Location
  • 67% Price
  • 8% Condition
  • 1% Amenities
  • 2% Staging

Boise Idaho Real Estate Agents

Here is what we are seeing currently in the local real estate market:

  1. It has got to be priced right.
    Buyers do their due diligence if it is not priced accurately, they won't even make an offer.  That is unless it has an excessive Days on Market, then they are ready to make a lowball offer.
  2. It has to be Move in Ready.
    Buyers are spending a lot of money and are not looking for a project, not something that needs more money before they can enjoy it.
  3. Location.
    We talk about lifestyle quite frequently but many out-of-state buyers are looking for that and willing to pay for it.
  4. Staging.
    We cannot emphasize enough: de-clutter, clean, de-personalize. I had a client tell me that buyers can see through the clutter. They can't! They also can't see how your house with your style could easily become their house with their style. This is one reason we recommend painting the house with neutral colors before selling.

Just my opinion,

Trey Langford

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