What is Quality Construction?

Recently, we had a reader ask how to judge quality construction. A fantastic question! The basis of quality construction consists of three fundamental construction attributes: plumb, level, and square. For example; are your walls plumb, perpendicular to the earth? Is your foundation level parallel to the Earth? And, are your adjoining walls and window openings 90 degrees and square to one another? It might sound simple, but not every foundation and framing crew can do it!

Quality construction is a combination of caring craftsmanship and exceptional materials, basically the passion in which superior materials are assembled. You can have the best installer in the Valley, but if he is forced to install a low-grade product, it will never look right.

Poor construction quality is easily spotted by the way one component of the home interacts with another. For example; does the reveal between your windows and the ceiling grow as you look from one side of the window to the other? Do grout lines in your tile vary in width? Does the piece of hardwood flooring against the wall shrink in width as you look down the wall? Does the reveal of your soffits vary as you look down an exterior wall? Is the bottom row of your exterior masonry suspended in air or does it rest on concrete? Again, it might not be the material causing the issues, or the installer.

Overall, quality construction comes from the passion of the builder and the sub-contractors to want to build a quality home and from the desire to take the time to do so. Even though all builders claim to build a quality home, how many are actually passionate about it?

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