What is the #1 quality of a home that will make you buy it?

Is it the home's location? No, but that it is important. Home Price? No again. 

  • Location (Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Star)
  • Minimum # of Bedrooms
  • Minimum # of Baths
  • Square Feet
  • Garage size

These are all aspects of a home you are interested in buying but you would probably be flexible to a point. These are all descriptions, but these are not what pushes you over the edge to buy. As you have heard me say before, buying a home is not a business decision. Buying a home is about how you feel about the home! Emotions trump logic. Also, logic makes you think but emotions make you take action!

A home search really works like this:

  1. Does what you see match your housing needs?
  2. Does the house look appealing to you?
  3. Does it feel right?
    If it brings out emotions it probably is starting to appeal to you. If it reminds you of the home you grew up in you probably like it.

Be smart though and do your homework. The more emotion you take out of the decision making process, the better decision you will probably make! Start searching.

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