What is the #1 Question people who decide to buy or build a new home ask?

Once you know that you want a new home and you know how much money you have to spend, the next logical question is, " Who is the best builder?" You need to know which Idaho builders have the best reputation for quality, and price, while also delivering on time and having great customer service.

Here is what I have learned. There are many great Idaho builders but even if we could rank them it would not matter because the most important qualification is your connection with the builder. That's right, once you have found builders that you like the best, your builder is going to be the one you feel you can trust the most. Sure, if you are building an extreme-custom home that has a high cost or has some specific criteria, there may be a limited number of Idaho Builders, but most builders with 5 years of history have built a range of styles of homes at different price levels.

So how can you find the best? It is my belief that testimonials from clients are the biggest differentiator. I have found that people who buy new homes are on a whole other level of pride when it comes to home ownership and the way they express the building experience with their builder speaks volumes. Although, I think all builders who have been in business for years have a good reputation, some builders have "fans!"

Some builders just have a stronger connection, and it can't be narrowed down to one thing. Some builders have strong processes and procedures in place to ensure the customer experience is great, some just are naturals and others have a style that is very specific.

Dream Big in 2024,
Trey Langford

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