What is the #1 Reason People Move to Idaho?

We talk frequently about where all the people moving to Idaho are from. We also discuss frequently what an awesome place it is to live, from weather to friendliness & safety, to all the things to do.

But why are people moving to Idaho?

The #1 reason according to United Van Lines is Family! This is exactly what we see quite frequently and I will tell you why that is. The story I frequently share is that once you move here and your friends & family start visiting you, they are 2 or 3 years from moving. They come to visit and hear your stories of less stress, more quality time, great weather, safety, and more family time. All of this equates to a higher Quality of Life! Two or three years later they are looking at homes here.

Why are home prices increasing?

The #2 reason people move to Idaho is RETIREMENT! This ties directly to #1, "Family." The grandparents are following grandkids. This group of people in many cases, have made the money and can afford to not only pay cash but also, buy a lot of home in Idaho. Eagle is rapidly growing for many reasons and retirees are attracted to this area because it offers beautiful neighborhoods and homes. It is also safe with a beautifil river and foothills.

Here is more from the report:

Primary Reason for Moving to Idaho

  • 33.80% Family
  • 21.12% Retirement
  • 21.13% Job
  • 14.08% Lifestyle
  • 7.04% Health

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