What kind of builder experience should you expect?

Is your builder a great person, a business, or all corporate?

I just wanted to point out some different types of builders; the singular man or woman, the small businesses, and the corporate builders. Though all may deliver a good product, and maybe this is an oversimplification, there can be big differences differences.




Great Person

  • Great to work with
  • Very Personal building experience
  • Long relationships with clients, subcontractors and strategic Partners
  • Flexible
  • Considers clients as friends
  • Possibly not very forward-thinking
  • Lower Competitive Push
  • Supports Sub-contractors who are friends

Small Business

  • Strong Competitive Push
  • Personalized Service
  • Aggressive/ ambitious
  • Carefully tends to client needs
  • May not have established a strong team
  • may not have large enough staff to handle too many clients


  • Strong Process and Procedures
  • Possibly very personable experience from  strong systems outlined and streamlining construction experience
  • The company strives to meet client expectation
  • Has strong relationships across industry and real estate professionals
  • Possibly less personable experience
  • Strong systems mean less flexibility.
  • Corporations can be goal and quota-driven.

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