What kind of Home Buyer Are You?

In the simplest definitions there are three types of home buyers searching for Idaho Real Estate, those who want:

  1. The Best Deal
  2. The Highest Value
  3. Best in Class

Home Buyers are similar to car shoppers. You won't find someone looking for the best deal in a new car showroom They want used. They want something they can trust will run but they don't want to pay the premium.

Similarly, you won't find someone looking for a Mercedes or other high-end luxury car shopping at the Kia dealership. For those people, there is an intrinsic value to buying a Lexus or a new car. There is status, peace of mind, and pride. You also will not find buyers who are considering a Kia at the Mercedes Dealership.

Purchasing a new home is similar. Some people wonder why someone would ever buy a new home when they can get more for their money in a used home. Some people just want what they want. Maybe they have earned it, maybe it is status or maybe they believe new is just better. These buyers also come in groups. You won't find someone wanting a custom home looking at cookie-cutter homes neighborhoods and you won't find someone who wants new but looking for the best deal considering a community like Two Rivers. They are different buyers.

What kind of home buyer are you?

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