What Lifestyle Stage are you in?

Understanding what your needs are may help better define what your next home could be like.

  1. Entry Level Home Buyer
    First Time Home Buyers are looking at price. They want the most for their money but don't need too much. They are young or newly married and still gathering 'stuff.'
  2. Move Up Buyer
    All of a sudden you realize you need more space. You have a family, more toys, and more money. You might need a yard for the kids, a two car garage, and an entertaining room.
  3. Upgrade
    Your career is established and you want more amenities and quality in the home. 

  4. Entertainment
    Your life is in full swing with family, friends, and business. The kids are involved in many activities and hobbies.
  5. Custom Home
    With the kids moving out of the house and a slower pace you don't need as much space but you still want quality. This home best defines your lifestyle and defines who you are.
  6. Luxury/ Downsizing
    You've earned it. Enjoy your home as your lifestyle changes, possibly slowing down.

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