When should you bring in a REALTOR?

I had a great discussion with a Boise Realtor yesterday about when the consumer should develop a relationship with a real estate agent. One of the points he made, is that most consumers do not get a realtor until they are ready but they should start the process when they are emotionally engaged in the decision process. That does not mean they are ready to buy exactly now but they are no longer just dreaming. He explained that when they can see themselves buying or selling and are now preparing to buy or sell a home.

One challenge agents face is that many times, the consumer does not bring in an agent until later on when they are ready to look at homes or sell their home. There is so much work that could be done early to best prepare for buying or selling.

For example, a buyer should get pre-approved for a loan. If they start early, there are simple steps one could take to get a better credit score, if necessary. Improving how you look on paper could lower your interest rate possibly. If you are selling, preparing your house to sell is essential to getting top dollar.

Agents would prefer you bring us in much earlier so we can also get prepared. We really need to understand your goals, timeline, needs wants, and motivation. The more we understand you, the better job we can do for you. Relationships are very important in the people business, especially when it involves such a big decision and large amounts of money.

We covered an array of aspects about this but it makes sense, especially with all the information available on the Internet and media sources. The consumer no longer has to go to a realtor to get information. By the time today's consumer is ready, they have had the opportunity to do a lot of research. The good news for the realtor is that when you find someone emotionally engaged in buying, they know a lot. However, one thing still holds true for today's buyers; they still have to go through all the motions and emotions of buying a home.

Here are some tips to know when you are ready to get emotionally engaged:

  • You don't like your current living situation and are open to change
  • You have done enough research that you are confident that you know what you are looking for
  • You walk into a home you like and hope there is someone there to answer your questions.

Now you know you're engaged. It is kind of like being on a car lot and looking for the salesperson so you can take a test drive.

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