Who is the best?

The best is relative, being credible is relative to being the best.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to rate and rank a local business based on performance and service when it is completely determined by opinions and people's perspectives, which are difficult to compare and evaluate. What company delivers the best product, at the best price, with the best service? They all think they do, otherwise, they would not be in business. But after months of focus groups, advisory boards, and meetings it has become obvious that the best is a relative concept.

What's important is whether a business is credible. Does the company consistently deliver what their clients are expecting, and do their clients feel they paid a fair price for it? Consistency is key, which is directly related to their credibility. Every company has had a project with some glitches. Great companies consistently deliver products and services that match their customer's expectations and that is the secret to becoming a Five-Star business, whether you are the low-cost leader or supplier of a custom or exclusive product.

Trey Langford

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