Why do we mention original prices of lots and homes on buildidaho.com

This website has been around 18 years now, we have gathered lots of information over the many years. That is one reason we can provide this data. We study many subdivisions and have created over 1,600 subdivision profiles.

When we first started, depending on the subdivision, we added details such as starting home values and starting building lot prices. Since May 2023 we have moved the platform the website was originally hosted on and therefore had to migrate the content. In doing so, we updated the way some profile details are listed. For example, profiles may say "Original Home Prices" or "Original Building Lot Prices."

Expect to see many more subdivision profiles being added to the website in 2024. We will continue to offer maps but you should also expect to see hundreds more 360° Neighborhood Tour.

Check community profiles in Eagle:

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