Boise Idaho Home Values

The Ultimate Review of Home Values acorss Boise and a look at how they have changed over the last 12 years

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Idaho Real Estate Monthly Activity Review


Home Values Overview: Boise, Eagle, Kuna, Meridian, Star

  October 2018 October 2017 % Year-Over-Year
Median Value- New Homes $378,976 $354,700 +6.84%
Median Value- Existing Homes $290,000 $246,900 +17.46%
Total Homes Sold 972 955 +1.78%
Available Inventory 1.86 Months 1.92 Months +3.13%
Days on Market 31 35 -11.43%


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Home Values Overview: Caldwell, Middleton, Nampa

  October 2018 October 2017 % Year-Over-Year
Median Value- New Homes $279,338 $248,515 +12.40%
Median Value- Existing Homes $209,900 $174,000 +20.63%
Total Homes Sold 349 331 +5.44%
Available Inventory 1.88 Months 2.06 Months +8.73%
Days on Market 27 39 -30.77%


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source: Intermountain MLS

Boise Idaho Home Values Breakdown by Area


Boise Median Sales Price New Construction Existing Homes
North $567,000 $360,000
Northeast $448,700 $425,000
Southeast $368,492 $265,000
Southhwest $230,349 $240,000
West $250,000 $204,000
Northwest $386,986 $260,000
Garden City $180,950 $175,000
*source Intermountain MLS


Home Value Graphs

Check out the charts below and see how home values have changed ovewr the last 12 years. These charts depict each MLS area and lines track  new compared to existing average home values by quarter.


Ada County Home Values Summary

2018 Ada County Idaho Home Values

Including Boise, Eagle, Kuna, Meridian and Star. The local real estate market seemed to bottom between 2010 and 2011 and has climed steadily over the last 7 years. Economist say that price is driven by supply and demand. This is true with home values as well. Over the last three years new construction has been in demand as there has  not been enough existing homes for sale. Developers are feverishily working to bring more lots to market. Price is also driven by people's ability to buy. It is also worth noting that the economy and people are willing and ablt to pay top dollar for homes. They are also willing to pay more than market value.


North Boise Home Values

includes Boise, Eagle, Kuna, Meridian and Star.

2018 North Boise Idaho Home Values


Northeast Boise Home Values

If you love the Boise River, Foothils and the Greenbelt, you will love driving home along Warm Springs Rd..

2018 Northeast Boise Idaho Home Values


Southeast Boise Home Values

This area is basically south of the Boise River from Micron to Broadway St & Boise State University area.

2017 Southeast Boise Idaho Home Values


Southwest Boise Home Values

South of Interstate 84 from Edwards Cinema area and west.

2018 Southwest Boise Idaho Home Values


West Boise Home Values

West Boise is the area north of the interstate from Franklin to Chinden Blvd.

2018 West Boise Idaho Home Values


Northwest Boise Home Values

If you head west on State the area between the Boise River and Foothills is mostly considered NW Boise.

2018 Northwest Boise Idaho Home Values


Eagle Home Values

This zipcode, 83616, is considered to be one of the most expensive as you can see by this chart.

Eagle Idaho Home Values


Garden City Home Values

Garden City runs west from the begining of Chinden for several miles to the west between the river and bench.

2018 Garden City Idaho Home Values