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Idaho has some beautiful open spaces. Many are in the open spaces of the desert near small towns but there are also place along the Snake River, mountains, lakes, and even beautiful valleys. Idaho has four seasons and a wide variety of terrain making the possibilities of what to do throughout the year abundant. Many people have second homes or land strictly for enjoying wildlife in wilderness areas.

What to know when searching for land in Idaho

  1. It is best to determine how much property you actually want. Prices vary greatly based on the quality of the land. views, water access, and other personal factors.
  2. If you are buying acres of land, have the property surveyed so there are no questions as to its boundaries. This is especially important or older plots of land.
  3. Verify that it is zoned for your intended use. Whether you are going to build a home or plan on having livestock with grazing, make sure all municipalities and county jurisdictions are in alignment with your intentions.
  4. If you are building a home and there is not already a well nearby, verify what it takes to drill a well. How deep will it be and how much water is available?
  5. Does the property have water rights? Property owners must be very clear on what rights the property comes with and how they will be used.
  6. How far away are your neighbors? What are they using their property for?

Building Lots for sale in Southern Idaho

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Properties 1-20 of 928
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What to know when purchasing build lots/vacant land

1. Determine how much you want/need and are able to maintain properly. Acreage requires a lot of maintenance.
2. Will you have power and utilities onsite? How far away are they?
3. Does the property have city water and sewer or will you need to drill well and septic systems?
4. Foothill homesites may require engineering the land prior to the building, which can get expensive and time-consuming.
5. Is the property zoned to use as you intend to use it? Will the district allow someone to do more than build a single home on it?


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