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Idaho has snow-capped mountains, a vast high desert plain and a deep gorge called Hell's Canyon which is part of the Snake River. This state is part of the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains which means it is a beautiful place to call visit, explore, and call home.

Where is the best place to Live in Southern Idaho?

That is a very personal decision but the variety of landscapes, elevations, climates, and topography to choose from will give you many options. You may be looking for something rural, more civilized, or in-between. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or finding that forever property, the Build Idaho Team is here to provide you with a fantastic experience from our website real estate resources to negotiating and moving in.

Vision Drives Decision

The key steps in home buying are centered around clarity. As we like to say "Vision Drives Decision." Are you living in the home you expected at this point in your life? What do you really want out of your next home purchase? Location is important but also, what lifestyle does the home, neighborhood, and local community offer?

How much are you willing to spend to find the right home? What downpayment will be required? Does that mortgage into your monthly budget? Is the home move-in ready or will you need to spend additional money to make it your own? Are you and your spouse on the same page? Sometimes people don't have all the answers and want to go look at home but the people who spend the time to get clarity have a better homebuying experience and outcome.


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Why work with an Idaho Real Estate Agent and the Build Idaho Team

It is easy to find a home on the Internet these days. A great agent can help you in your search beyond bedroom, bath, and square feet. They will take time to understand what you are truly looking for and want to accomplish in your next search. They will take time to understand your lifestyle and based on their experience may be able to offer advice. They may also know properties that are not on the internet.

It is our experience that clients want two things:

  • To negotiate a great deal.
  • To make a great decision for their family.

Real Estate Agents represent you and your interests. They ensure that contracts protect you and that you will get the home you are expecting. It is not smart to gamble with one of the biggest financial decisions in your life.

Take the safe route and have an agent to back you up. Your life is probably busy enough, think about how you’ll manage a home purchase while doing another job. Additionally, you don't know what you don't know, which can get you in hot water!

Let's get started!