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2020 Real Estate Guides

Garden City Subdivisons In Development ( 7 )

Accounts for 167 lots

  Developer Lots
Bonar Subdivision
W of Bogus Rd, W of Curling
Bonar Development 14
Canal Side Subdivision
315 E. 36th
Jim Neil 6
Edgepark Subdivision
N of W Arnold W of Old Horseshoe Bend Hwy
Josh Wester 14
51st Street
Alworth & 51st Street
CB Company LLC 79
Grandmas Grove
Donna Dodson
Donna Dodson 5
Pyper Subdivision
N of Marigold W of Glenwood
Lee Schrack Property Management 9
Rivertrail Landing
6201 N Strawberry Glen
Mac1 LLC 40
Thoroughbred Townhomes
517 Remington
Bruce Hanibet 9


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NW Boise/ Garden City Subdivisons In Development ( 22 ) 

Accounts for 784 lots

Back Acre
N of Ustick E of Cloverdale
Richard Sorenson
Critser Land Surveys
Brutsman Subdivision
of Old Horseshoe Bend Hwy, S of Floating Feather
Donna Weston
Timberline Surveying
Burke Park Subdivision
south and west side of South Cotterell Drive, west of Maple Grove Road.
Randy Hopkins
Anderson Survey Group
Cantera Subdivision (Aguila Mountain)
Hill Rd & Hwy 55
Red Rock Development
Bailey Engineering
Carlton Bay
Corner of Horseshoe Bend Rd & Hwy 44
 Redcliff Development
 89 residential waterside lots
Cartwright Ranch
On Cartwright Rd, near Hidden Springs
Thomas Neville
Toothman Orton Engineering
Castellina Subdivision
north side of West State Street between Bogart Lane and Roe Street.
Bogart Development
JJ Howard Engineerings
Cayenne Corner
S of Hill Road & W of Pierce Park
Christopher & Gail Bray
B&A Engineers
Clearbridge Subdivision
SE Corner of Collister & Clearview,  S of Hill Rd
Greenwood Investments
Marks Land Surveying
Coldstream Subdivision
Collister Drive & State Street
Tatyana Savchina
Nickel Land Associates
Cordoba Subdivision
Pierce Park & Hill Rd
Pierce Park LLC
Stanley Consultants
Goose Creek Condos
3349 North Lakeharbor Lane
Hueth Subdivision
E of Gary Lane, N of Gillis and S of Hill
Robert Hueth
B&A Engineers
Moorgate Square
S of Saxton, W of Parapet, So of Hill Rd
Richard Rockrohr
Briggs Engineering
Outdoor Terrace
S of Hill Rd & W of Gary
Phil Bennet
Civil Dynamics
Pebblecreek Subdivision
S of Hill Road & E of Bogart
Heartland Homes, LLC
Bailey Engineering
Phantom Creek
S of Hill Road & E of Gary Lane
Phantom Creek LLC
Civil Dynamics
Plano Road Subdivision
Stewart Land Group
Azumith Engineering
Santa Maria Subdivision
NE Corner Pierce Park & Filly
Cody Schaner
B & A Engineers
Toli Park Subdivision
north side of W. State Street approximately 350 feet east of N. Pierce Park Lane
Toli Buzha
Arrow Land Surveying

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