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Building in the Winter in Places Like McCall, Cascade, or Tamarack
For many of you, the thought of constructing in McCall or Cascade at this time of year seems crazy.

But for me . . .  it is crunch time.  The foundations are nearing completion, the utilities are almost completed, and most importantly my homes are almost done.  Say what?  "How can your homes almost be done when your foundation and utilities aren't?"

The answer to building in the winter for me is Systems Built Construction.  While my homes are being constructed in Boise by Guerdon Enterprises (Largest Builder in the Western US) my sitework and other work is being completed.  Then we simply wait.  Say what again?  "Why would you wait'?

You can put in concrete or sewer pipe in almost any weather but you want a "Weather window" to complete one of these homes.  So I wait . . . I wait for a 2-3 day weather window where even if it is cold, I can set 6 duplex units of 1,500 sf each and walk away dried in.  What does it mean to be dried in?  If a storm, or other event occurs the interior of the home is safe from being damaged. 

It is going to be exciting to watch an area to come to life with 6 new homes in a matter of days . . . and if you are in Cascade between the 13th and 23rd of December it can't be missed.

Posted by Nic Stover at 11/19/2007 2:13:00 PM
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Re:Building in the Winter in Places Like McCall, Cascade, or Tamarack
Building at 6,000 feet above see level in December, it's a beautiful thing! Good luck Nic. Trey (Flatlander)
Posted by on 11/19/2007 8:16 AM
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