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Building a LEED Home in Idaho
With all that is circulating out there in regards to Green Trends and sustainability how do you really know what is best? While I am still learning I can offer some suggestions of 1) What to ask and 2) What are some of the things that go into the LEED process.

1) Is the builder truly dedicated to Energy Efficiency and/or Green Construction?  Ask them about what other homes they have built that incorporate LEED or Energy Star.  How committed are they?  For example there are 129 registered Energy Star Builders in Idaho but only 13 currently with 2 pending (Rubicon included as 1 of 2) that are 100% Energy Star Builders.  What that means is all the homes that they construct are Energy Star.

2) What features are going into the home to make it safer and more energy efficient?  Does the builder make the effort to use recycled materials?  Better air filters?  Do they use low or zero VOC paints?  How about formaldehyde free insulation?  Are they using high efficiency appliances and lighting?  Are they installing Radon Vents?  How about Carbon Monoxide detectors?

3) What is the builder physically doing to make your home safer and better?   Sealing all penetrations with foam or caulk?  Segregating and recycling construction waste?  Sealing off heating vents during construction?   How about making sure the interior of your home doesn't get wet during the construction process? 

I look forward to going into greater detail about the process and what it means to have a better MERV rating or a higher R value in your home. 

Here is to a good 2008!


Posted by Nic Stover at 1/13/2008 3:55:00 PM
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Re:Building a LEED Home in Idaho
What does LEED stand for?
Posted by on 1/13/2008 1:36 PM
Re:Building a LEED Home in Idaho
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a standard of green construction that is verified by a 3rd party and has to follow a set of guidelines. Helps to define it!
Posted by Nic Stover on 1/13/2008 1:41 PM
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