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Energy Star in Idaho . . . What does it really mean to me?
Are you considering a home and weighing the merits of Energy Star? Is it really worth the extra expense?

Yes!  Yes and Yes!

Here are some real examples that equate to energy efficiency and increased savings for you the consumer.

1) We lost the heater on one of the homes I am constructing in Cascade sometime in the middle of the night.  It was 18 degrees below zero when I showed up at the project thinking I just lost all of my new paint and new carpet.  What did I find?  The home was at chilly but still workable 53 degrees.

2)  The compact fluorescents lights that I installed at my home in McCall cost me around $25 dollars and took about an hour to install.  My last three electrical bills have been 20% lower than the previous period one year ago.  This small investment has already paid for itself not to mention the fact they last up to 5 years!

3) Fellow blogger and home durability expert Tad Duby came up and tested the ducts for leakage.  What he found was a leakage rate of less than .01 Cubic Feet Per Minute.  This means quite simply that the ducts are almost airtight.  What that means to you as the consumer is that your heating system is not taking in cold air when it heats your home nor losing valuable warm air.

4) We have to continually set the thermostat lower as it the home retains the heat so well.  We started at 72 degrees then dropped it to 68 and finally 66.  The proper air balancing and sealing of penetrations into the home virtually eliminate draftiness and the insulation that is properly installed and verified holds the heat uniformly.

If you want to stop by and check out these homes and Energy Star personally they are at the corner of Highway 55 & Cabarton Road in Cascade and I am up there most weekends so call ahead.  573-6743.

Nic Stover

Posted by Nic Stover at 1/21/2008 4:33:00 PM
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