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What are the features that make a home green or high performance?
With all that is out there in regards to building green and some of the "hurdles" that need to be overcome let's look at some of the things that make a home green or high performance?


What are some of the features and what do they mean?
  • Sealing of heating of heating and cooling vents during construction.  This prevents dirt and other debris from entering into your heating system.
  • Caulking or foaming all penetrations.  This prevents pests access into your home by more importantly it prevents air drafts.
  •  Formaldehyde free insulation.  Formaldehyde is the same thing that lab specimens are stored in.  There are areas of health problems associated with Formaldehyde.  A good source here is Idaho Blue which is made out of recycled blue jeans!
  • Use of recycled materials (OSB, Cementitious (Hardi-Plank) siding, composite doors).  The key here is to find materials with some post consumer content as that is what really represents the steps toward keeping things out of the landfills.
  • Properly flashed & sealed doors and windows.  Big one as fellow bc blogger Tad Duby can attest.  This prevents moisture from entering behind the windows and the house wrap and into your home but also prevents drafts.

The list goes on and on . . .  but this is a start.  More to come.


Nic Stover


Posted by Nic Stover at 2/27/2008 3:14:00 PM
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