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Build Idaho: Trey Langford, Founder

Trey Langford

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What are some of the items/elements that are benefits to Systems Built Construction
As I have said before Systems Built Construction is not the be all/end all solution to all products for all buyers but there are some key elements that stand out for me as obvious benefits to this method of construction:

First I think it is important to point out that Systems Built Construction is a METHOD of construction. It is not designed to make traditional construction obsolete and if done properly it will supplement and enhance traditional methods by streamlining and improving the quality of the entire construction process.

Systems Built modules are constructed in a temperature and climate controlled environment. Where they can be up to 90% complete when shipped from the offsite construction facility to your project site. This includes all MEP systems, lights, toilets, counters, doors, windows, trim, and cabinets. A specific distinction is the ability to customize the interior and exterior finishes along with the ability to configure multiple floorplans and multiple levels

In addition let’s look at some of the unique features of Systems Built Technology:


  • Exterior walls are 2x6 vs. traditional walls of 2x4
  • Drywall is glued before it is screwed down vs. traditional screwing or nailing
  • Once the subfloor is placed down it is sanded to eliminate any ridges and protective construction paper is placed down for the rest of the project.
  • All of the trades work for the same company which ensures the following:
  • You only have to go to one company to get a lien release.
  • One company is responsible for the end product.
  • One company to deal with in regards to permitting of your project.
  • No need for temporary power or construction fences. When the modules shows up, it is able to be completely locked by the end of that day.
  • Less overhead is needed to manage the physical construction.
  • Quicker completion of your project means a shorter finance costs and quicker access for future projects or quicker move in. 

Next week we will look at the process in a little more detail to give you an idea of how it works.  From there we can start to look at the green construction advantages and talk about the standard practices that go into the process to make it even better!

Posted by Nic Stover at 3/25/2008 3:08:00 PM
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