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Who builds the Systems Built Modules for Rubicon and why are they different?
These components individually do not necessarily mean greater efficiency, BUT when you combine these factors together the process improves DRAMATICALLY.

Many of you out there are familiar with the Michelle Kauffman Designed Sunset Breeze House.  This attractive prefabricated green home is easy on the eyes and hard on the pocket book.  I have always had a problem with "Affordable Green" costing almost $300 a sf.   My most recent project was built in Cascade, ID in the middle of winter, looks to be on track for LEED Gold, and cost less than $100 a SF for a green, mountain home.

When I wanted to start building green I knew this was the most efficient and environmentally friendly method but I needed to select a company to actually build them (Yes . . . no worries these are not constructed in my garage). Not all Systems Built or modular builders are the same. I selected Guerdon Enterprises who are based in Boise and who are the LARGEST Systems Built Construction producer in the Western United States. While there is a long list of STANDARDS  there are a few key things that demonstrate their capacity to design and build large scale projects:
  •  18 engineers on staff
  • 250 employees
  • Produce over 1,000 homes per year
  • Client base that includes work in 9 western states and includes extensive work in mountain climates.
  • Client list includes multiple projects for Intrawest, Pacific Communities, and the Castle Group.
  • Like Rubicon all that Guerdon does is Systems Built Construction. No mobile homes.

A trip around their website does not reflect what is coming in the next year in terms of new products that will advance this method forward by leaps and bounds.  I have three projects on my website that are in the planning stages and I wanted to show what is possible and what is coming.


If you have a new project that needs to incorporate green features, achieve LEED, or have constructed in 1/2 the time please let me know as I would be happy to help.

Nic Stover-President


Posted by Nic Stover at 4/8/2008 3:15:00 PM
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