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When you decide it is time for a new home either to purchase new or build, the Build Idaho Team is here to help. Use to learn more about local home builders and we can then help you dive deeper in your search with our real-world experience. We have helped clients buy a home that is ready to move in now to selecting a building lot and custom home builder recommendations. We can help you get the new home you are looking for. We understand you want to work with the best home builders in Boise and get a brand new home that you can enjoy for generations.

There are three types of builders:

  1. Production Builders
    These companies build the same floorplans over and over. They can build efficiently and have systems in place to create consistency. Normally, these builders offer many upgrades, which cost a premium. Their business model is based on a streamlined process, therefore the client experience may not be as personal.
  2. Semi-Custom Builders
    These builders also have floorplans that clients may select from but modifications and personalizations are allowed. Clients have more say in finishes as well as amenities. The builder is more hands-on, even if they have superintendents on job sites during construction.
  3. Custom Home Builders
    A true custom home builder builds each home uniquely for each client. Price and size do not determine if they are a custom builder. Most builders consider themselves custom builders, but the reality is that very few are truly custom. Custom home construction is where you purchase a lot, design the home, and hire a builder. This is the most expensive way to build a home.

Each category also has its own value proposition and orientation. This difference breaks down between getting more house for your money or paying more to have better quality features and higher-end finishes and amenities. When you are selecting a builder you will need to align these two elements together. Not getting them aligned can cause frustration. If you are looking for a high-end custom home builder to provide high-end finishes but they shop at a box store, you will not be happy. On the other hand, if you are looking for a less expensive home, that may be exactly what you want.

How to select a home builder

When researching builders in Southern Idaho remember that no builder is perfect, but you need to find one who strives to be. Many people use their gut to decide on a builder, while there is validity to this, it should not be the only nor most important factor in deciding on a builder. Testimonials are the best source of information, but seek out those that not only just moved in but also those who have lived in a home for a while. 

Finding a builder is an important part of the process in buying or building a new home. One thing I have learned over the years is that at the end of the day, each builder is very different but they all do the same thing.

How are builders the same?

Very few builders actually build a home in today's world. Their job is to manage the construction process, the people on the job site, and suppliers. Their job as a builder comes into play when there is a problem. This is when experienced builders can shine.

How are Builders different?

Many things separate one builder from the next but the one thing that will stand out is your relationship with the builder. This is probably the one thing that builders say is the most important.

Finding Your Idaho Builder

There are several ways to create a list of builders to choose from. You can determine who Idaho's top-selling builders are. You can drive through new subdivisions and tour model homes. You may also get referrals. 

Client Testimonials

This may be the best source of information about a builder but don't just get the most recent clients, ask someone who has a home that has been lived in for a while. One way to find a great builder is to find a client who had a problem, even better- after the warranty expired, and find out how it was handled. Do your due diligence.

Our Builder Services
We are successful and active real estate agents. We have worked with many of the home builders in Treasure Valley and have our finger on the pulse of new construction. We understand how many of the builders operate and communicate, and their styles of design and construction.

We represent our client's interests when going through the process of building a home. We have direct experience and feedback from others about builders and how they work with clients. We know who consistently delivers a great home and an exceptional client experience, and who has not!

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