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Not all builders are created equal; also builders don't actually build homes. Just about every builder's actual job is to manage subcontractors and suppliers. They do supervise the construction of the home but the quality of the home is truly dependent on the quality of the people the builder hires.

How much does it cost to build a home?

The price of a new home may not reflect the actual quality. There are many stories of how buyers did not get what they expected from their home builders. Most of the time, it is a communication issue or an oversight but sometimes builders miss a step. For example, the buyer had a home inspection, which offended the builder, to find that the entire kitchen did not have insulation above the ceiling.

New homes are valued by comparable homes that are nearby but new construction is in a field of its own, to some extent, when it comes to price. There are different levels of fit & finishes as well as amenities that builders include in a house. Buyers should get everything in writing so that there is clear communication of expectations.

In addition, it is important to consider what kind of home you are building. Building a custom home is much different than building a spec home. With custom homes, you have complete control over everything from the layout to amenities to finishes. A spec home has very little customization but can be built much faster and is less expensive than a custom build. It is important to consider what you want and to discuss your wants a needs with your agent. From there, your agent will be able to recommend a builder. Your agent will represent your interests for you as you go through the building process. 

Who is the best quality builder?

That is a question that everyone asks. The answer is truly based on each person's priorities and perspective. For those seeking the most house for their money, a production builder is a way to go whether you are a first-time home buyer or a move-up buyer. There are even builders who build high-end homes that are not designed by the buyer.

In Idaho, it is not uncommon to find a semi-custom builder who has a portfolio of floorplans that can be personalized. This can be a variety of changes from moving a wall to adding a room. Many of these semi-custom builders will also allow you to choose finishes or offer their clients an allowance to select the finishes and amenities they want and pay the difference if they go over. Learn more about selecting a builder.

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