The Construction Process

How a home is built from the ground up!

Excavation & Foundation

To begin construction, the site is excavated. This step helps identify where foundation forms are placed. The foundation is then inspected according to the site plans. Concrete is poured and cured followed by backfill of the foundation to prepare for framing. 


In one of the most exciting stages, the home takes shape as walls are framed and roof trusses 'flown'. Once the framing is complete, the project superintendent may meet with the homeowner to conduct an onsite walk-through. This is the first step in ensuring you are going to get the home you are expecting.

Mechanical & Electrical Rough-ins

At this stage plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and low-voltage wiring and lines are 'roughed in' in the framed walls and ceiling.


All framing and trade work are inspected by the local jurisdictions to verify code compliance. Once approved, insulation can be installed and inspected.


Sheetrock is hung. Tape and texturing are completed and quickly the shape and space of the home are revealed.

Trim & Paint

Trim work and doors are installed throughout the home. Painters prep all woodwork and drywall then apply paint coatings.


Cabinets are delivered and installed. Countertops are templated for sinks and cooktops and then installed.

Tile & Flooring

Shower waterproofing is completed. Tile showers, floors, and backsplashes are installed. Hardwood flooring and carpet are installed. Exterior driveways and walks are poured. Now it even smells like a new house.

Final Trade Work

Final trade work including plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems are installed and completed. Faucets and light fixtures are installed, and equipment is set. Once all trade work is complete the project superintendent inspects for any touchups and corrections. Final inspections are completed through the local jurisdictions.


The refrigerator, Cooktop, and stove plus additional final personalizations to your home are installed.

New Home Orientation

Homeowners will learn about their home and mark any final 'blue tape' items that need to be completed before the home is finished!