Idaho Custom Home Builders

If you ask any builder if they build custom homes, most will say 'yes' but the reality is that very few are truly custom home builders. There is the element of customer service that most do not have systems in place to communicate with clients and then conversations and promises get lost. Also, many builders do not actually have a creative eye for design to help clients get a home that is functional, beautiful, and well laid out. Have you ever been to a home and wondered what they were thinking when they built that space?

What is the definition of a custom-built home?

A custom home builder is normally a smaller residential construction firm that manages the home's entire design-build process, from the earliest planning stages to the final touches. A custom home builder works directly with the client, and possibly your architect and interior designer, to design, plan, and select every single detail about the home's construction, layout, and finishes.

How to choose a custom builder.

Custom home construction can be very personal. One of the first steps is finding someone you trust and feel like you can have a great relationship with.  At some level, they are going to work for you. Would you hire them as an employee? You are going to be with them for anywhere from 9 months to two years. That being said, don't just go with your gut. Talk to the past 5 clients they built for, and tour several of their homes.

What makes for a great custom home builder?

Most builders don't actually build homes. They have a team and if the builder has any sort of longevity, the subcontractors, tradespeople, suppliers, and other service providers have been with them for a long time. If they have not, this may be a red flag to further investigate. It may also help to get some references from the builder and talk directly to them about their experiences.

Why you should build a custom home?

A custom home does not necessarily mean something expensive. It simply means that the homeowner designed the home specifically for themselves. They created the floorplan, mostly from scratch, made modifications to it then selected finishes.  If you are not seeing something that is exactly what you want you may want to consider hiring someone to build it.