Idaho New Construction

In 2021, local builders in both Ada County and Canyon County built over 7,500 homes but this continues to not be enough to meet local demand! This demand is so strong, even new apartments are popping up all over but rent rates also continue to rise. There has not been enough supply to slow down how fast home values are rising. Demand remains strong from out-of-state buyers who are seeking the better quality of life that Boise offers. That is probably one of the strongest reasons for the growth of the Treasure Valley and new construction.

"Boise ranked higher than 90% of the country for job and high-tech GDP growth and reported some of the lowest unemployment and property crime rates for the metro areas. Those promising statistics along with the city’s population boom over the last couple of decades make it easy to see why Boise’s in the top 1% of the country for 1-year home appreciation. In the past 12 months, home values in the area have increased 45%."- Rocket Homes (January 2022)

Ada County Total Building Permits:

Building Permits % Change from the Previous Year
2022 3,218 -34.1%
2021 4,885 +2.67%
2020 4,758 +9.6%
2019 4,340 +9.49%
2018 3,964 +2.7%
2017 3,859 +7.4%
2016 3,593 +20.6%
2015 2,980 +31.1%

Canyon County Total Building Permits

  Building Permits % Change from the Previous Year
2022 1,721 -34.2%
2021 2,616 +13.59%
2020 2,303 +12.0%
2019 2,055 +20.88%
2018 1,700 +17.8%
2017 1,444 +12.6%
2016 1,282 +24.7%
2015 1,028 +18.9%

See also chart that tracks permits since 1995- view chart.

What does the history of building permits look like in Boise?

Review the following chart of building permits pulled over the last 27 years. You can see how the market was out of control compared to today. Note: building permits do not represent actual homes built. The spike in building permits of 2005 represented a market when sellers could sell anything but many did not actually become realized.

Boise Idaho Building Permits Chart

View Interactive Chart.

Why Buy New Construction?

  1. One of the advantages of purchasing a new home is the opportunity to select features, finishes, and upgrades that reflect your own personal taste and lifestyle.
  2. Today's new homes include the latest energy-saving building techniques and technology to improve how you live inside your home.
  3. New homes can include a builder's warranty as well as extended warranties that provide incredible value and peace of mind. 
  4. Everything inside and out, from the roof to the floors, is new. This also means you are getting the latest styles and finishes in your new house. 
  5. No one has lived in it, so everything is clean and does not need repair. 
  6. New homes may be available to move into quickly, especially if you are paying cash!