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Jan 31

Saving energy

The Idaho Statesman in todays issue 1/30/07 had valuable information on tax credits and saving money, I would like to add to it.

Jan 30

When good paint goes bad

My house has a tendency to be the first guinea pig for many of the products I use in the field. My wife loves the way this makes our house always look like a construction zone. She loves the continual movement of furniture from one room to another, she loves the mess.... She may yet kill me.

Jan 29

Subdivision Resource update

The subdivisions lists have been updated with the latest results from the fourth quarter 2006 survey.

Jan 27

Bluegrass for yards in the Desert?

With all the Construction going on in Idaho I wonder when we will start to think about water conservation. Why would we install Kentucky bluegrass on thousands of subdivision yards and common areas? Why do we over water? Why do we water when it rains? Water conservation is becoming the topic of discussion around the country, and will be the next limited resource for Idaho, so lets think about what we are doing.

Jan 27

Why do I need a House wrap?

House wraps or WRB (weather resistant barriers) provide the drainage plane behind the siding that the openings should be flashed into. Yes they do limit air infiltration, but the more important reason your home should have a house wrap is to give the home a complete drainage plane behind the cladding material. So how do you know which house wrap to use?

Jan 26

Flashing windows "Whats the deal?"

With all the construction going on in the Treasure valley those of you who work with us in new construction or existing home retrofits know that we are big proponents of Weather Resistant Barriers (WRB) and proper window flashing techniques. So what is the big fuss, you might ask I see flashing on the homes that are being built, and besides it does not rain much in Idaho." Unfortunately water intrusion is the number three reason for insurance claims in the Nation, and a major contributor to building failure, especially in Dry climates.

Jan 26

New tax break for mortgage insurance

Mortgage insurance is tax deductible in 2007

Jan 26

Ada County & Canyon County Cost Analysis

Charts display average quarterly sales price and price per square foot cost for new and resale from 2005 and now updated with fourth quarter stats.

Jan 25

California foreclosures rise to 8-year high in Q4

Default notices up 145% since same quarter in '05

Jan 25

Building Our Future

The Idaho Commerce and Labor office in Boise is looking for 18- to 21-year-olds interested in a career in the construction trades and for any contractors interested in hiring young people with a combination of industry training and site experience

2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 1-10 of 84
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