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Mar 01

Healthy Home solutions

What does healthy home have to do with durable home? Everything! we can not separate the two, if you are building a durable home, you are taking measure to also build a healthy home. todays homes have many more indoor air quality concerns than homes of the past, not that the older homes are healthier, it is just that we have introduced construction techniques or the lack there of, and building products that can effect the indoor air quality. Also we are spending more time indoors than in the past, we live longer than we used to, etc. So how does building with a healthy home in mind effect the durability of the home? read more

Feb 28

Idaho Realtors back minimum-service bill

The Idaho Association of Realtors has introduced legislation, similar to measures proposed and passed in other states that have drawn fire from federal agencies, to mandate a higher level of real estate service.

Feb 28

Must-Have Tech Trends Setting Homes Apart

The simple fact that technology can make new homes stand apart from the competition drew hundreds of builders to a packed seminar on the Top 10 Must-Have Technology Trends at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Fla. earlier this month.

Feb 27

Thrive in Boise

Tired of not knowing what to do when the market conditions change?

Feb 26

Exterior trim details

I visited a project the other day that had used MDF as the exterior trim. This particular house had an exterior porch detail that was very nice, however the trim was tight to the concrete, and actually extended to the grade on the exterior of the porch. Are there durability problems with todays techniques? unfortunately this is the standard detail I see on allot of homes. what are the consequences? what should I be doing different?

Feb 23

Greenbriar Commons

On Lake Hazel, East of Five Mile

Feb 19

A company's greatest asset is their reputation!

The ability to earn clients' praise can be the single most reliable predictor of long-term success. A great reputation helps earn a company premium pricing in while it also distinguishes them from competition.

Feb 19

Boise and Nampa Real Estate

Economics 101: Demand and Supply. Somebody please explain.

Feb 16


Next week the House State Affairs Committee will consider H. 101 -- a bill drafted and supported by the Idaho Building Contractors Association. H. 101 would prohibit cities and counties from enacting costly contractor licensing programs and the local level.

Feb 11

Crawl space design

We are seeing more conditioned crawl spaces instead of vented crawl spaces how come? why are they different? what do I need to know? A vented crawl is less likely to have mold problems? My crawl space has a fan in it? if I have a vented crawl what do I need to know? where do I get help?

Feb 11

Vapor barrier-whats the big deal

Why do we have a vapor barrier in the crawl space? How is it supposed to be installed? But it is wet under my vapor barrier-what should I do? Do I need to dry the dirt out? How come the builder did not install the vapor barrier correctly? what is a vapor barrier? Should I clean it off? I have water under my vapor barrier-what do I do? should I tape it? These are some of the questions I have had on Vapor barriers in crawl spaces in the last year. Here is the skinny.

Feb 08

Pheasant Run

The ever popular Pheasant Run offers first class homes at affordable prices! You will not be disappointed by this community from the appealing elevations to the community pool. You will want to make Pheasant Run your new home. Model homes range from $224,900 to $300,000 or build your dream home! Ask your realtor for more information.


Feb 08

The Crossing at Meadow Park

Middleton's most amazing new home community coming this Spring! Slated to be ready to build in May of 2007 and will feature a community pool and park! BIG, BIG lots for affordable prices! 1/3 to 3/4 acre lots with an average price of $87,000. Reserve your lot - only 48 lots to be reserved as of 2/8/07. Ask you realtor for more information.

Feb 07

Providing Great Cusomer Service

What is great customer service? Maybe a more critical question contractors should ask is, Can I afford to deliver great customer service in the highly competitive construction marketplace? Not only is the answer to the second question, Absolutely! but great customer service is mandatory if the contractor wants to maximize his financial return. The first phase of any project is defining it. Therefore, the first step to delivering great customer service is defining that. Simply stated, great customer service is exceeding the clients expectations in all areas of contact. The former CEO of Scandinavian Airlines, Jan Carlzon, explained in his book, Moments of Truth: New Strategies for Todays Customer-Driven Economy, every contact with a customer creates a moment of truth where you either meet the customers expectations or you dont. For those in the construction industry, this may be difficult to accept because of the adversarial environment within the industry. However, it offers contractors a great opportuni

Feb 06

4th Quarter 2006 New Construction Survey Results

Each quarter a survey of the new construction industry is conducted to determine present status and trends, called REBAR.Take a closer look at industry and changes going on in vacant lots, housing starts, and spec homes.

Feb 05


Not often is a room full of homebuilders quietly and raptly attentive to an economist. Then again, the undulating housing market over the last year has grabbed every homebuilders attention and focused the entire industry on the question what comes next. By Rick Lierz, Franklin Building Supply

Feb 02

Mindblowing stuff

So Im doing Home Performance work on a home in the Highlands, sealing ducts, adding insulation, replacing windows, etc. and I run into a problem with the inspector.

Feb 01

Ada County is ninth in the nation for job growth

US Bureau of Labor Statistics survey of the country's 325 largest counties.

Feb 01

2006 Top Producing Idaho Builders

Top Canyon County Builders by Total Permit Value from 2006

Jan 31

Saving energy

The Idaho Statesman in todays issue 1/30/07 had valuable information on tax credits and saving money, I would like to add to it.

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