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Mar 31

The Key to a great business plan and your ultimate success

BuildingCredibility.com loses its first member because their clients did not give them good ratings and feedback.

Mar 31

Start of a series

so I have been bouncing around from topic to topic, and probably will continue to do so. I read so many articles etc that should be passed on, or addressed. But I think we should try to take a home from the ground up, and walk through the durability details? what do you say? I am not saying i am the expert, just hopefully will pass on some experience or knowledge that i have, maybe have some healthy debates, and refer people to sources of good information by the leading experts in the construction industry today.

Mar 31

Water walks

So this is the perfect weekend for a water walk. What do I mean, walking the river? splashing through puddles with the kids? fly fishing your favorite stream? All of these sound good to me, but I am talking about durability of homes. so tour around your neighborhood and look for the tell tale signs of water intrusion, and ask yourself, do I know what is going on behind the cladding (siding, masonry, etc)

Mar 31

Home ventilation

So what is the requirement for ventilation for homes? ASHRAE 62.2 standard is 7.5 cfm/person plus .01 cfm/ft2 of conditioned floor area. so for 2000 ft three bedroom home with 4 occupants means 4 x 7.5 = 30 cfm (people load) and 2,000 ft x .01 cfm/ ft2 = 20 cfm (house / furnishing load) so 30 + 20 = 50 cfm. so there is the standard. but what else should we think about? indoor air pollutants? furnishings? smokers? Condensation problems? hobbies? unvented combustion appliances? the list goes on and on, and How do we ventilate? Is ventilation required?

Mar 30

Congratulations Holton Homes

Recent National & Regional Success for local builder!

Mar 30

Snake River Valley BCA to feature Jerry Pisca for April Meeting

What is going on in the industry? April 10th, Members of the Snake River Valley BCA will get the opportunity to meet someone who is deeply involved and whose job is to be in the know.

Mar 24

Roosevelt Corner

Preliminarily approved In-Fill Project. Location: Vista, west on Kootenai, south on Roosevelt.


Mar 22

Rockwell Village

Canyon County's first Energy Star community!

Mar 22

Prayers for a Good Appraisal

  So now that we have our finished floor plans in hand, the cost break down sheet and the signed contract with IPH Tony has ordered the appraisal. From what I understand the appraiser looks at the plans, cost breakdown and the site to determine the total value when it is completed. We are eligible to borrow up to 80% of the appraised value so higher is better.  That doesnt necessarily mean we are qualified to borrow that amount.


We got word that our appraisal came in at $350K, Wow!!!  80% of that is 280K but we are hoping to keep our building costs under 200K in order to keep our monthly payments reasonable. The total cost breakdown had me concerned at first but some of the estimates are coming in lower than expected and the breakdown includes the market rates for all of the work we are going to do (which should be much less).


The following list is some of the work that we have decided to do on our own and with the help of our skilled and generous friends and family:


  • Set the walls (Dont worry Jon was a framer, we arent just crazy)
  • Drywall / texture
  • Interior painting (What? I painted a mug in pottery and it looked great)
  • Install flooring, cabinets and shelves
  • Base board, doors, locks and knobs
  • Install outlets, switches, and light fixtures
  • Site cleanup (my swiffer should take care of that)
  • And a few others ( Don't worry, we know what we are getting in to J

Keep checking back to hear how this all pans out.


J Sarah


Mar 22

Tired of not knowing what to do then the market changes?

Builders and Subcontractors are invited to a seminar April 5th, 2007.

2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 1-10 of 130
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