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Apr 30

Mo Hotter Mo Better

Hot water/ No waste. Plumbing is one place where the efficiency word cuts both ways. We love to use water when it means unlimited hot showers or plump and happy garden tomatoes but its hard to get as excited about that water bill every month.


Apr 29

Defining Your Expectations

"All things are created twice. There's a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation to all things." - Stephen R. Covey

Apr 28

Corrente Bello

Prestigous Eagle Address, bring your own Builder.

Apr 28

Covenant Hill

Considering Eagle Idaho Real Estate. Check out this Eagle Subdivision

Apr 27

Boise, Idaho recognotion

Nationally recognized again as one of the best places to be by INC.

Apr 26

10 Things the Military Taught me about Home Construction

Just a few tips from the "School of Hard Knocks"

Apr 26

Preliminarily approved subdivisions updated

Are you worried that we may run out of lots soon? You can stop now.

Apr 23

Toxic waste repositories

People call them home?

Apr 23

Ada County Subdivisions In-Development Update

First Quarter 2007 Results & Update

Apr 23

A Consumer's Guide to Home Building Introduction

Building a new home is a very exciting and different experience. A great deal more of your time, thought, and personality will go into your home simply because you will make many of the decisions usually made by the Builder. Your own "mental scrapbook" of housing ideas can be arranged to create a new home that is uniquely you.

Entries 1-10 of 174
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