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Jun 15

2007 Snake River Valley Building Contractors Association Parade of Home Award Results

Canyon County's Parade of Homes- Which Builder did the best? Find out here including all the awards that were distributed. Then go see parade homes. thru June 24th/

Jun 14

Green Foundations

Boise's new environmentally friendly building supply house.

Jun 14

Residential Construction Market Report

Latest construction trends across Boise Valley.

Jun 14 Tour

New to or a frequent User- take a tour.

Jun 12

Website answers the question Remodel or Move.

Website calculates home remodeling costs and the resulting appreciation in value.


Jun 12

Mortgage Rates Are Soaring -- ACT NOW!

The Bond & Home Loan Markets Are In Turmoil. Is Your Financial Future Secure?

Jun 10

Why Register??

Would you like to view sales price trends? Each MLS area displays graoh with average quarterly sales price of new vs. resale homes from 2005? Would you like to know the average permit value of a subdivision?

Jun 09

The Subprime Mortgage Meltdown

The real estate market typically heats up during the summer months. This year, however, with the subprime correction in full swing, the National Association of REALTORS is predicting a slight pullback in speculative buyers that could lead to a downshift in the entire real estate market. Read on to see what you should know and expect during the coming months!

Jun 08

Snake River Valley Building Contractors Association

2007 Parade of Homes June 15th to 24th

Entries 11-20 of 237
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