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Aug 01

Green supply retailers in Boise!!

Green foundations opens it's door in Boise 5242 W Chinden Blvd. go and check it out. Home Depot announcing its environmentally preferred products, lumber suppliers jumping on board. Green is coming to an Idaho city near you. look for many great things happening in Boise.

Jul 31

Whispering Hills Estates in Eagle, Idaho

Fabulous 360 Degree Mountain views. Most lots have City Light Views. Horses OK, access to BLM Land for year round horse riding. Large building pads and driveways are included. Easy access to downtown Eagle.

Jul 31

Boise Valley Commercial Investments

With Some Shift From Residential "Appreciation-Based" Investments To Commercial "Income-Based" Investments Make Sure You Have The Full Picture

Jul 30

Green is great but perspective is everything.

If you care about building a green indoors, my first advice is...

Jul 30

Wind Walker Subdvision in Meridian

Luxury Patio and Town Home Energy Star community in Meridian, Idaho.


Jul 30

Shopping For A Mortgage

Fixed? Variable? ARM or Negative Amortization? Or Interest Only? With so many mortgage products available for homeowners, it can get overwhelming very quickly when deciding on the correct product that fits your needs. Here are some things to consider.

Jul 30

10 Ways To Make Your Home More Salable

There's little doubt that the real estate marketplace is now in transition. Sales volume has begun to weaken and in many markets the days of quick sales and multiple offers are going or gone. The cooling from overheated sales conditions in recent months is helping to bring inventory levels up to the point where buyers have more choices than they've seen in the last five years. Annual price appreciation has been running at double-digit rates, but the cause of those sharp increases is going away. As the market readjusts, price appreciation should return to more normal rates of growth this year. Translation: Homes are not selling as quickly as before--that's good news for buyers. Sharp increases in value are moderating--that's also good news for buyers. Values are not falling--that's great news for sellers.

Jul 25

Where are the investors?

For $25 you can meet Californians interested in Boise Real Estate.

Jul 23

Technology and Real Estate

The benefit of knowing how to use todays techology really helps me do my job from just about anywhere.

Jul 23

Mortages Gone Wild

Waiting for the government to cut interest rates so you can lock into lower mortgage rates is a bad idea. First, the Fed is unlikely to lower rates this year. Second, it wouldnt matter even if they did.

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