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Sep 01

Cut your water use

EPA has begun to test products for its water sense program, labeling program encourages water efficient products. Water in Idaho is under the gun. We are going to see more requirements in Idaho for water efficient measures. Did you know the average family uses 400 gallons of water each day and toilets represent a whopping 26% of all home indoor water use!!!!

Aug 30

2007 Idaho Energy and Green Building Conference

Meeting the Sustainability Challenge. October 24 to 26.

Aug 30

Find Boise new homes online

My neighbor said I could find homes on eBay. He's right

Aug 29

Ada and Canyon County Idaho Defaults on the Rise!

IdahoDataProviders.com collects defaults daily! Here is a graph to give everyone a visual of these filings.

Aug 28

Leasing Commercial Real Estate In The Boise Valley - Pick Your Commercial Realtor Carefully!

When leasing commercial real estate in the Boise Valley, make sure you pick the right team to help you - in your business you have a relationship with your CPA, your attorney, your IT / Web Team, you also need a commercial real estate agent to be your guide through the leasing maze. Commercial leasing terms and contracts vary around the country and you need a local commercial real estate agent familiar with customary lease terms in the Boise SMSA to ensure your interests are protected.

2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 1-5 of 316
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