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Sep 30

Builder Profit

Most consumers believe that the Builders profit is much higher than it really is. Every year the National Association of Home Builders publishes The Cost of Doing Business Study The study is based on the results of a financial survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders and provides a rare glimpse at profitability, cost of sales, and expenses from hundreds of home builders across the country. Just how profitable were the builders surveyed?

Sep 30

Countdown to the Launch of 'Build Idaho!'

Meet the Builders that Influence design and innovation of homes across Treasure Valley!

Sep 28

Congratulations To Integrity Counts! 2007 Nominees

The Better Business Bureau announces the nominees for 2007 Integrity Counts! business honors awards. Vendors, customers, employees and members of the community nominated businesses for their integrity and ethics. Here are some in the members that received nominations.


Sep 28

water heaters are they durable?

There are some really great technologies out there on water heaters these days, and one complaint that I have is that the new water heaters do no last. One reason is that people don't maintain them. Do you know you should flush the water heater every year? how many of us really do it? Still we see allot of water heaters with only 6 year warranties. Are there better options out there?

Sep 27

Let's Play Jeopardy! Answer- $29,810

What is the Question? The question is 'How much LESS do you pay for a CBH Homes when buy it on eBay?


2019 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 1-5 of 354
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