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Feb 01

leaky windows--OH MY!!

we got a call from a window manufacturer the other day to test a clients home that was complaining of leaky windows. the owner of the window company had tried for over a year to please the customer, resealed windows, showed them test results (dp ratings-lower the number the better) on and on. Here is why they called us...

Jan 31

America's Promise Alliance Names Boise One of the Nation's 100 Best Communities for Young People

Boise has once again been named a winner of its 2008 100 Best Communities for Young People (100 Best) competition.

Jan 31

Hazelwood Village. I Dare you to Find another S. Boise Community with more Value!

All of my research shows that Hazelwood Village is any buyers best bang for their buck.

Jan 30

What is the future of Boise's downtown condominium development?

Boise's downtown development is a slow process, but there are several exciting projects underway or on the planning table.

Jan 29

What today's buyers need?

In a world filled with everyone promising the best, and let them assure you their competition is not, along came valuable information.

Jan 29

The Value of Energy Star Homes

Best way I have found to prove the value for building an Energy Star (EStar) Home is the monthly savings in your utility bills.

Jan 28

Treasure Valley Construction Trends

How many builders were there in 2007 that pulled permits and how many permits did they pull?

Jan 26

Sprout mag 2007 winter

Reading the article in the 2007 volume 4 issue on retrofitting your home the author makes comment on how the green building movement has not made a substantial impact on the improvement of consumption of energy in buildings. I think the Author is referring to the number of new homes compared to the existing home market and the need for improvement. I want to point out the these Green programs have significantly improved the new residential construction practices in our nation.

Jan 26

Paramount Subdivision in NW Meridian

Paramount is Meridian's most comprehensive master planned community. That means that virtually everything within our mile-square boundary--both residential and commercial--has been planned in advance to exist in harmony with the elements around it. Strong architectural and quality controls are in place to protect your home's value and the integrity of the community.

2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 1-10 of 586
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