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Oct 31

put it to the test

the fall issue of Ecohome www.ecohomemagazine.com had a great article on the reasons for testing your homes by President of Building Knowledge inc. Mark LaLiberte www.laliberteonline.com

Oct 29

Idaho Real Estate- a game of Chicken.

Today home loans dropped another quarter point so for everyone sitting on the fence you now have to decide....buy now before prices start climbing or hold out for another quarter point?

Oct 28

What Changes will Help Sell Your Home

Are you prepping your home for sale? In today's market, some simple, low-cost solutions are now available to help you do that as expeditiously as possible...for as little as possible.

Oct 28

Should you build a custom home?

For the foreseeable future it may be cheaper to get exactly what you want. Top ten reasons.

Oct 28

Eric Evans Construction, "The house is fabulous!"

Eric Evans Construction, "The house is fabulous!" "We came up with the floor plans and just turned him loose to adjust, change, experiment - do as he wanted. The result was unbelievable. The house is fabulous!" Debbie Smith, Strada Bellissima.

Oct 27

2008 Third Quarter Treasure Valley Market Report

Who's in? Who's out? Who's on top?

Oct 24

Great news on housing today posted by the National Association of Realtors - just wanted to share it!

Sharing an article with you about housing sales going up! This was just released by the NAR....

Oct 24

CBH Homes "Deal of a Lifetime 2" Launches today!

Who knows how many more "Deals of a Lifetime" CBH will ultimately have; however Corey Barton has proven to be almost like a cat with nine lives and always seems to land on his feet.  While many builders are struggling, CBH has actually seen a 133%  increase in sales over last year accroding to an article in last weeks Business Review!

I know this promotion is also going to be successful for CBH because two of my Realtors have already written offers on homes for their clients. 

This promotion runs from October 24 - 26th.  It covers 200 Brand New Homes located throughout the valley in their communities.  They range in price and have a number of floor plans to choose from.

For a complete list of homes and prices, just email or call me.

Jim Paulson, Owner/Broker - Progressive Realty Corporation www.IdahoMLStours.com


Oct 24

cold weather coming time to think of weatherizing your home?

with the fall days getting colder ( my favorite time of the year) many people start to think of weatherizing their homes, buying new windows, upgrading furnaces or insulation. but where to start???

Oct 24

Idaho Energy & Green Building Conference vs. Sun Valley Sustainability Conference

Watching the Sting-rays and Phillies? Nothing to do with sports, but why are there two conferences in the same weekend? Isn't there One Agenda?

2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 1-10 of 1107
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