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Dec 31

Idaho Energy Star Construction

Energy Star educational video about advanced framing techniques and proper insulation.

Dec 31

How does the local economy and Idaho Real Estate Market look to you?

It is hard to get an accurate picture locally because there are so many perspectives. We all know that the media thrives are negative news and we all know of people who are doing well. Here is a gauge I did not expect to see. It is my personal experience and 'aha' moment!

Dec 31

oh the ice cycles they are forming while the heat is escaping, oh the problems they are coming, if cold weather is staying..

the ice cycles are melting now, but oh the tales they tell of heat loss to the attic either through penetrations in the ceiling that need to be air sealed, or ducts in the attic that are leaking, or my bet combination of both...they are so pretty, so what is the problem??

Dec 30

The Real Reason Behind the Economic Crisis

The current economic crisis is the top news story for nearly every media outlet. But, somehow, one of the most important factors that led to this challenging market is also one of the least discussed.

Dec 29

Is your Idaho Home Builder full time, part time or on borrowed time?

A builder's credibility is at an all time high!

Dec 28

Rockwell Village- Nampa, ID's first 100% Energy Star Community

Rockwell Village offers a unique craftsman style of architecture blended with today's most modern energy efficient building

Dec 24

What is the #1 quality of a new home that will make you buy it?

Is it the home's location? No, but that it is important. Home Price? No again. These are aspects of a home purchase but the real decision comes from something else.

Dec 24

Idaho Real Estate Parody

For those that have a great sense of humor and enjoy stereo typing, you will like this. For those that are in the industry and sensitive to real estate jokes, don't watch. It may hurt your feelings. The Idaho real estate calamity!

Dec 23

Fix Housing First - Why Do We Need Congress To Act Quickly On Housing Economic Stimulus?

Why Do We Need Congress To Act Quickly On Housing Economic Stimulus?

Dec 22

Is it better to rent or buy?

The science of deciding whether or not to invest in a home/

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