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Mar 13

Is you Treasure Valley Realtor Green?

GCREP-G.L. Green Certified Real Estate Professional GCREP-G.L. Green Leadership

Mar 13

Is Idaho the refugee state for real estate?

As people escape from other markets will they move to Idaho and Treasure Valley?

Mar 12

2008 Building Contractors Association of Southwest Idaho Parade of Homes

April 26th thru May 11th. Meet the Builders that will make this years's Parade of Homes an amazing event and for you to see the latest in home design.


Mar 11

Rubicon Homes Announces Go Green to Save Green

Rubicon Homes, the builder of the first LEED Certified Homes in Valley County announces today their Go Green to Save Green home purchase initiative for their Cabarton Townhome development in Cascade, Idaho.

Mar 11

The Boise 2008 Home and Garden Show

Is this going to be a great opportunity to get ideas and meet the industry or another show filled with peddlers of dipping sauces?

Mar 11

West River Subdivision near Lake Lowell

Canyon County's best estate view lots. 1-3 Acre lots!

Mar 08

New or Used...What are the Decision Factors?

Help us gather personal opinions...What goes into the decision to purchase a new home versus an existing home?

Mar 08

What is more important than Location, Location, Location?

Communication, Communication, Communication

Mar 08

The future looks so Bright!

LED lighting is coming to a city near you. Technology is changing LED lighting rapidly, as well as incandescent lighting advances that promises higher performance and less energy use than their CFL counterparts that have taken over most of the efficient lighting. Now LED lighting is becoming available and we are starting to see huge advances in technology..

Mar 07

Treasure Valley Housing Affordability

Should everyone be able to afford a home?

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