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Mar 18

Website adds new feature

So you are searching for an Idaho new home builder or Treasure Valley new homes and you think- How much home can I afford?

Mar 18

Housing Affordability and Realistic Expectations

As I have stated in previous posts, housing affordability is a complicated issue. Building affordable housing is not simply a matter of builders building less expensive homes. It requires the cooperation of a number of parties, including but not limited to state and local governments, land owners both those selling developable land and those living adjacent to that land, lenders, Realtors, and the home buyers themselves. Today we will discuss the home buyers.

Mar 17

Health is the Most Powerful Motivator for Consumers to Build or Buy a Green Home

A recent survey conducted by RCLCO found that as many as 42% of all buyers would be motivated to purchase a green home based on knowledge of their health benefits, compared with only 17% for energy savings and 12% for the environment.*

Mar 15

Mobile, Manufactured, Modular, & Systems Built . . . what are the differences?

So lets talk about just what Systems Built Construction is and what some of the key features that distinguish this method from previous generations of factory construction and other methods of construction like traditional stick building.


Mar 15

Know the Facts

While the national picture is bleak to the point of necessitating immediate congressional action to shore up home prices, local media outlets should know the facts about their local market before taking those national headlines and applying them to their own housing markets.

2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 31-35 of 701
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