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Jun 14

Boise Real Estate Trends: Is the developer going to complete the subdivision?

With the change in the real estate market, consumers are doing more research and asking more questions. Now home buyers want to know if the develper is sound.

Jun 13

Boise Developer Profile: Skyline Development

Skyline and its family of companies have been in the land development business in Boise, Idaho for forty years. Founded by Edward A. Johnson, the company has raised the bar in the Treasure Valley for innovative and successful residential projects.


Jun 12

Inside CBH Homes

Meet Boise Home builder Corey Barton and his company.

Jun 12

summer attic temperatures warrant Ventilation

We get lots of comments on whether or not to add ventilation in attics in the summer to reduce the attic temperatures, makes sense right?

Jun 12

Alternatives to the obnoxious Granite Phase

If the tile countertops of the 80's was replaced with Corian in the 90's and now Granite...what comes next?

Jun 11

Remodeling Ideas for Greening Your Home

A Presentatin short on hype and long on Q&A .

Jun 10

Green and responsible Construction

A podcast with Doug McCarter. A Home Builder with McCarter-Moorhouse. Co. If it is green, it still has to make sense.

Jun 10

Short Sales -- Same Thing As A Foreclosure?

SCENARIO -- You are upside down in your current home's mortgage, and are considering trying to "short sell" your home to avoid foreclosure. Think again!

Jun 10

Housing Affordability: The Stars are out of line

THe idaho Statesman's report can't be telling the whole story on smaller homes

Jun 09

Housing Affordability - Part 3

I read with interest the articles in the Statesman last week about the Star residents who are upset about the prefabricated homes being erected in their subdivision. In fact, the Statesman reported that the residents are going to seek an injunction 'first thing Monday morning,' to keep houses out of their subdivision. So, Im departing from my series on remodeling to talk about Housing Affordability and Systems Built Housing

Entries 21-30 of 882
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