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Jul 31

First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Fact Sheet

Who is Eligible? Income Limits? Effective Dates for the Tax Credit? Types of Homes that Qualify for the Tax Credit?

Jul 30

When comparing Boise homes for sale, is cost per square foot an effective tool?

A frequent topic of debate and though it can be a simple measurement it only works if you are comparing apples to apples.

Jul 30

Summary of Housing Bill That Just Became Law

So, President Bush withdrew his veto threat, and signed the housing bill into law early this morning. Outside of the politics that he is playing with the Democratic controlled Congress (interesting in and of itself), let's review what the bill provides.

Jul 30

Quote of the Day

From Ronald Reagan.

Jul 29

Green Washing

With so much information about "Green" it gets confusing? Tell me about it!

Jul 29

The formula for evaluating home values

There are three components- E, P and H

Jul 29

Who are Treasure Valley's top produing home builders?

Everyone likes Top 10 Lists and Who's Who.

Jul 29

Are you looking for Boise Homebuilers that are accountable and offer quality before durng and after construction? You know ones that kick butt!

Too many times I have heard how a buidler is scared of their clients and do not want to be rated and reviewed online.

Jul 29

The Conscience Framer

As I drove up to one of my job-sites today I noticed 4 bikes in the garage!

Entries 1-10 of 944
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