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Aug 28

Construction Excellence Nomination- Syringa Construction

"We ultimately chose Syringa because of their attention to detail, the craftsman style that they used and their website that allowed us to look at their house plans online and view model homes through virtual tours."

Aug 28

What is the Difference Between an Energy Star Home and a Green Homes?

All Green Homes are Energy Efficient, but not all Energy Efficient Homes are Green

Aug 27

First Construction Excellence Recommendation- Flynner Homes

For three monsths BuildingCredibility.com has been designing a new section called 'Construction Excellence'- Boise's first home builder referral network. Today we unexpectedly received our first nomination, as we have not even officially rolled it out!

Aug 27

Have businesses earned your trust?

Better Business Bureau announced findings from its second BBB/Gallup Trust in Business Index survey, noting American consumers say in a seven-month period their trust in businesses has fallen in 13 of 15 industries measured, with an overall composite Index decline in consumer trust of 14 percent. And nearly half (47 percent) of those surveyed say they have only some, very little or no trust at all in companies they do business with in everyday life.

Aug 26

Transportation and housing costs

Transportation costs are a huge factor in your community's affordability.

2019 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 6-10 of 999
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